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Single mother home security – Reassured by driveway chime.

We have recently received an email from a single mother who expressed her feeling of improved home security knowing that she could depend on her new driveway bell to alert her when a vehicle arrives in her driveway. She was comforted knowing that the bell would be rung announcing the arrival of a visitor before the doorbell was rang. She said that the chime gave her an advanced warning so that she could monitor new arrivals before they got to the door.
We have also received comments from customers who have purchased bell kits for older parents who are living alone.

They are comforted knowing that their parents will be notified with the clear ring of a bell or chime each time a new visitor arrives in their driveway. This early warning gives them a chance to prescreen the visitor through a window before the bell is actually rang. They have also commented that they appreciate the simplicity of the bell’s setup.

The bell and chime kits are an extension to any home security system.

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