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Do you often struggle to hear when customers arrive at your business? Are you tired of receiving phone calls from delivery people because no one is letting them into the building or worse, receiving notices that a "Package could not be delivered"? It is surprising how many businesses could benefit from a Milton's Bells business monitoring alarm system. Our systems are easy to install by the do it yourself installer, cost effective and ship promptly.


5 Most Effective Alerts for your Customer Service Business

1. Wireless Customer Door Chime - Walk-in Customers

Customers walk into the front door of your business and you are notified by your wireless "Warehouse Door Chime" system. We also have wireless chime systems that include a supplementary loud ringing alarm bell that can be placed in a back storage or supply room called the "Warehouse Doorbell".

Warehouse Chime

Warehouse Door Chime

Warehouse Doorbell

 Warehouse Doorbell 

Our Wireless Door Chime is an easy and affordable business door alarm for walk-in customers. The pushbutton doorbell button is mounted on the door jamb next to a magnetic contact that is included with the kit. When the door is opened a signal is sent via the doorbell button transmitter to the wireless chime.


2. Drive Through Chime - Drive-up Customers

Drive through customers arriving by car will activate this simple and reliable wireless chime system. Just place the driveway tubing across your drive, mount the black transmitter box to a post or the side of the building, and plug the remote chime inside your business into an ordinary electrical outlet. Each time a car drives across the driveway tubing you will be notified with a "Ding-Dong" chime. There are 12 different sounds to choose from on the chime.

If needed you can add a loud ringing low-voltage Original Bell to your chime to your "Wireless Chime Kit" cover a larger area or overcome background noise. This kit is called the "Wireless Original Bell and Chime Kit". 

Wireless Chime Kit

Wireless Chime Kit 

Long-Range Driveway Alarm - Wireless Original Bell and Chime Kit

Wireless Original Bell and Chime Kit


3. Wireless Parking Lot Monitoring

If you are tasked with the responsibility of monitoring rental equipment that comes and goes from your lot you would benefit from one of our vehicle detectors. The "Vehicle Detector Kit" sense the presence of a vehicle as it passes adjacent to the white PVC probe.


Vehicle Detector Kit

Auto-Detect Moving Vehicles

Auto-Detect Moving Vehicles


4. Wireless Supply Room Alert

Our motion detector kits let you know each time someone enters your supply room. It is important to monitor pedestrian traffic within your supply room and keep track of who is entering and exiting a supply room. We have wireless chime kits, like the "Wireless Motion Chime Kit", that are activated by motion and can also have a strobe added, like the "Wireless Motion Chime and Strobe Kit", for added safety letting someone know that a vehicle such as a forklift is approaching.

Long-Range Wireless Motion Detector Chime Kit

Wireless Motion Chime Kit

Long-Range Motion Activated Chime and Strobe Light Kit

Wireless Motion Chime and Strobe


 5. Wireless Delivery-Door Doorbell

It can be very difficult to hear a standard doorbell buzzer inside in a commercial warehouse space. Your offices don't even need to be very big to encounter this issue. Common background noise can easily mask the sound of a standard doorbell. Manufacturing and production facilities that have forklifts, compressors, and power tools can mask the sound of a standard doorbell.

Our warehouse doorbell comes pre-wired with a red low-voltage Original Bell, wireless chime receiver and a wireless doorbell transmitter button. The price is very reasonable for this complete and easy to install system. We have a broad assortment of warehouse doorbell systems for you to select from at MiltonsBells.com, ensuring the perfect solution for you. If you need something louder or more attention grabbing than our Warehouse Door bell kit take a look at our Chime and Siren Kit or our Strobe Light Kit. We have a wide range of solutions to suit all budgets too, with prices starting from less than $100. If you need a helping hand on choosing the ideal system for you, please do not hesitate to give us a call. We'll be happy to help you make the right decision for your warehouse doorbell needs.



 Warehouse Doorbell

https://www.miltonsbells.com/collections/warehouse-doorbells/products/warehouse-doorbell  Warehouse Doorbell

Warehouse Door Chime Strobe


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