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Replacement Bell Ringer Hose from 25' to 300' Long - Made in USA

Replacement bell ringer hose from 25' to 300' long.

We have replacement drive through bell hose made in the USA for your rugged commercial driveway conditions. Our hose comes in 25' increments starting from our shortest length of 25' long all the way up to 300' hose lengths. This driveway bell hose is not available at hardware stores or big box home centers is it made specifically for our bells,chime kits, and driveway alarm kits.

Driveway Bell Ringer Tubing Hose

Driveway Hose made in USA

Rugged Commercial Tubing


Driveway Hose

Our bell ringer hose hose is 3/8" inside diameter with an outside diameter 5/8".

For some installations it may be necessary to drill a hole so that your driveway hose can pass through a wall between inside and outside. We recommend drilling a 3/4" hole to accommodate the driveway tubing . The hose can then be sealed to the wall and from the outside weather with a small bead of caulking to close any gaps that might exist.

For extremely rugged conditions such as truck scales or quarry scales please call us about our natural rubber hose. This is a custom hose that we always stock but it must be ordered by calling us at 832-729-5354.

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