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Our long range wireless motion detector chime kits are simple to set up and can send a signal up to 1/2 mile.

Your wireless motion detector chime can monitor vehicle traffic and pedestrians without the use of a driveway hose. Some of the areas that we recommend this kit for are: Driveways that require snow plowing, heavy truck traffic, monitoring forklift traffic, and anywhere that a driveway hose is not preferred.

Custom Wireless Motion Detector Chime Kits

 Wireless Motion Detector Chime Kit


Adjusting the motion detectors depth range

You can adjust the detection range of the motion sensor. The motion sensor is capable of detecting movement up to a distance of 50' directly in front of it. However, in some cases you may only want to monitor traffic that passes close to the sensor and nothing beyond 20' out. The monitorning distance can be set to three different levels withing the motion detector. This depth of traffic monitorning or range can be adjusted to one of three settings marked low, medium, and high. The three ranges and their monitoring distances are as follows:

High: More than 50 feet, Medium: Between 20-50 feet, and Low: less than 20 feet.

Within the motion detector you will see a set of adjustable jumpers with the text low, medium, and high written next to them. To change to range just move the small plastic coated jumper so that it connects the two pins adjacent to the range that you want to monitor as shown in the image below.


Motion Detector Jumper Settings


Adjusting the reset delay of the motion detector

There is another important setting called "Reset" which is the time between any vehicle movement that is detected by the motion detector. When a vehicle passes infront of the motion detectorit will send a signal to the wireless chime to ring. There are two reset setting that can be set inside the motion detector. The two settings are for 10 seconds and 120 seconds. This means that if the motion detectors range is set for 10 seconds that once it detects a vehicle passing and sends a signal to the chime it will then rest for 10 seconds before detecting and reporting any other movement. If the motion detector's reset jumper is set for 120 seconds it will rest 120 seconds between any vehicle movement before it signals to ring the chime again. Please see the image below for the location of the jumper settings.


Motion Detector Jumper Settings


Filter and LED settings

The filter jumper should be set to "ON" if the motion detector is used outdoors. This makes the motion detector less likely to pick up small movements such as pets and other unwanted movements. The "LED" setting turns on/off the LED light when a movement is detected. If you prefer that the motion detector's LED light not come on set the jumper to "ON".

The sensor uses a 9 volt transistor battery. The lifespan of this battery is approximately 6 months to one year depending on traffic.

The wireless chime produces a soft ring and has a built-in volume control. The chime plugs into an ordinary electrical outlet. The receiver chime will play one of four different tunes that are selected in the wireless chime. The settings to change the ring tone heard at the chime are also made in the motion detector.

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