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As a young kid I can remember riding my bicycle across the driveway hose at the gas station over and over listening to it ring “Ding-Ding” each time my bike rolled across the hose. To make it even more fun my friends were also riding their bikes across the hose. The bell was ringing like a machine gun. It was a lot of fun. It probably drove the gas station employees crazy.Then, the employees of the gas station would sit waiting for the next customer to arrive in chairs lined up in front of the station. They would fill cars with gas in addition to checking the oil, tire pressure, and cleaning the windshield. As far as we could tell they tolerated our fun and after a few times of riding our bikes across the hose we were on our way.

On another occasion in New Orleans, I was walking through a neighborhood gas station with my grandfather, and he pointed out to me that my name was on the bell, “Milton”. I found it interesting and thought that it would be neat to have one of those bells.

The “Ding-Ding” of the gas station bell was carved into my memory.
After several years I have rekindled my interested in these gas station bells. I began selling the bells and kits including everything necessary to set up a working bell system for both residential and commercial applications.

Milton’s Bells has taken the standard gas station bell into the 21st Century. We offer a modified gas station bell that operates off of a low-voltage signal. This bell has been used as a door bell in an industrial loft apartment, in auto-shows, and for very long driveways where a driveway hose would be impractical.

We are also working on a modified bell that connects directly to you personal computer. The bell could be set to ring when an email is received. Of course there are email rules that would need to be set so that not every email would generate a “Ding-Ding”.

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