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The idea of having a drive-thru is that it allows your customers to be served quickly and efficiently, however new reports have shown that fast food drive-thrus are actually getting slower. According to QSR Magazine (a fast food industry trade publication) fast food giant McDonald’s posted its slowest drive thru time in fifteen years, with […]

The driveway bell – Perfect for businesses with a lean operating budget! As a result of the recent poor economic climate, many businesses have had to make cutbacks in the form of staff reductions, in order to save money. This means that there are many businesses out there that now have to operate with less […]

Here is a fun article that features one of our products published in mental_floss by Kara Kovalchik. Who knew that some noises could eventually become as extinct as the passenger pigeon? Depending on your age, you or your kids or grandchildren may have only heard some of the following sounds in old movies, if at […]

Do you need to be notified each time a truck drives up to your scale?  We have systems that can produce a soft chime or a clear bell ringing each time a truck drives up.  Our hose systems are rugged and dependable.  They transmit a signal each time the hose is compressed and activate the […]

Wouldn’t it be nice if you were notified, with the ring of a bell, each time a rented vehicle was returned to your facility?  Our driveway bell systems are dependable and simple to install. Set-up of the bell notification system is simple.   The bells are sold as kits and include all of the items needed […]

  New product launch – The Heavy-Duty Scale Bell Kit     Today we want to talk about a brand new and exciting product that we will be launching here on our website in the New Year. The product is called the Heavy-Duty Scale Bell Kit and as its name suggests it’s designed for heavy […]

BlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to FacebookShare to Pinterest Wednesday, January 16, 2013 In 2012 Milton’s Bells was contacted to see if we would be interested in donating one of our vintage Milton Bells to be used in a Super Bowl TV commercial.  We were told that the commercial would be advertising the new 2012 Chevrolet Corvette and would be […]

Milton’s Bells has strong ties to the trucking industry. Our products are used at intermodal truck terminals, at truck at scales, loading docks, equipment yards, and even at the entrance of several oil fields. Alerting people to newly arriving vehicles is our business. Milton’s Bells has teamed up with a company called which has […]

While listening to the radio recently I was reminded of personal security, preventing theft and of a system that is capable of providing an early notification in the event of an intruder. Naturally, I was expecting the radio commercial to be advertising some type of driveway signal bell system.  After all this is what we […]