Long-Range Wireless Horn and Chime Kit - This is a LOUD kit!
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Wireless Horn and Chime kit very LOUD with driveway hose
wireless chime wired to loud siren
wireless chime with blue flashing light
black box wireless transmitter for use with driveway tubing
coil of milton driveway signal hose
close up image of milton driveway signal call tubing

Long-Range Wireless Horn and Chime Kit - This is a LOUD kit!

Part # MB 25WHCK
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This horn kit is similar to our wireless chime kit, except that it includes a LOUD low-voltage horn in addition to the electronic chime. This wireless driveway alarm is perfect for long driveways. The driveway hose and black transmitter box can be set up at the end of a very long driveway and monitored with the commercial door chime and horn. The end of the driveway transmitter operates off of a 9-volt transistor battery. The wireless horn produces about 102dB for a duration of one second each time a vehicle arrives. The wireless chime produces a soft ring and has a built-in audio volume control. The chime plugs into an ordinary electrical and the horn is connected to the chime with 5' of two-strand low-voltage wire, which is included with this kit. This kit includes all of the pieces necessary to set up your wireless horn kit.