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Wireless Motion Detector Chime Kit
wireless receiver chime with blue light ring
wall mount motion detector for wireless chime kit

Long-Range Wireless Motion Detector Chime Kit

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Easily monitor vehicle traffic and pedestrians with your Milton's Bells Long-Range Wireless Motion Detector Chime Kit. The wireless driveway alarm does not use an air hose — instead, it detects movement and rings the chime located up to a mile away. 

This motion detector is perfect for commercial or residential properties that can't use a driveway hose. 

  • LONG RANGE COVERAGE: Milton's Bells Long-Range Wireless Motion Detector Chime Kit has a range of one mile, making it one of the longest range options on the market. This means that the radio signal sent from the motion detector will reach the chime up to a mile away.
  • EXPANDABILITY: Setting up your system is very simple. You can pair up to 16 motion detectors with one chime receiver. You can also set up an unlimited number of chime receivers with any system.
  • RELIABLE BATTERY OPERATION: The motion detector operates on a 9 volt battery, which typically lasts for a year or more before needing to be replaced. This means you don't have to worry about solar panels not charging and can rely on the system to work day or night.
  • DEPENDABLE DETECTION: The Dakota Alert motion detector is able to detect people or vehicles up to 100' away. It then sends a wireless signal to the chime receiver, allowing you to be alerted when someone or something enters your driveway or business.
  • VERSATILITY: Milton's Bells Long-Range Wireless Motion Detector Chime Kit can monitor drive-throughs, driveways, backyards, tool sheds, and more. This makes it a useful tool for keeping an eye on a variety of areas around your home.

The chime receiver will play one of twelve different tunes that are selected in the sensor.  The chime plugs into an ordinary electrical outlet and produces a soft ring and has a built-in audio volume control. Place the chime near the front door to monitor visitors and let them know that someone has been alerted to their arrival. The chime has a volume control and can be turned up loud enough to be heard through the door of many houses.

The driveway motion detector chime kit includes all of the pieces necessary to set up your wireless driveway alarm and driveway alert kit.

  • This driveway signal bell kit includes:
    • One "Original" Bell™ driveway signal bell
    • One durable driveway signal hose
    • One heavy-duty rubber hose plug