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Warehouse Doorbell with low voltage original bell and wireless chime and button
low voltage red original bell wired to wireless chime receiver
wireless chime with circular blue flashing light
wireless push button showing mounting hardware and battery

Long-Range Warehouse Doorbell Notification Bell

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Easily install a wired doorbell button with this warehouse doorbell kit. Perfect for will-call counters, warehouse doors, and waiting areas, this wireless chime transmits to a commercial bell up to 2500' or a 1/2 mile away. The bell sounds like a fire-alarm bell. A wireless warehouse doorbell, the warehouse door buzzer produces a soft ring and can be placed within easy reach of the customer in any commercial space or office environment. The push-button switch features built-in audio volume control. The commercial door chime plugs into an ordinary electrical outlet and will play one of twelve different tunes selected in the chime kit. The bell is wired to the chime using 5′ of low-voltage electrical wiring included with this kit. This complete commercial warehouse doorbell kit includes everything you need to easily install a warehouse door alert system.