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Milton Radiator Rocket
Milton Radiator Rocket
Milton Radiator Rocket

Milton Radiator Rocket

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Milton Radiator Rocket - Unleash the power of a rocket-driven wand, propelled by air, to redefine your cleaning experience.

Key Features:

Versatile Cleaning Power: Treat your cooling coils for radiators, transmission lines, oil, and fuel lines to a daily dose of deep cleaning in demanding work environments. The Radiator Rocket is the go-to solution for trailer trucks, dump trucks, earth-moving equipment, and tractors.

Adaptable Design for Any Situation: Engineered for both shop and field use, this tool can be configured in 3-foot, 2-foot, or 1-foot lengths. Say goodbye to the need for vehicle jacks or lifts to access buried coils – the Radiator Rocket provides flexibility without compromising on power.

Maximum Air Cleaning Efficiency: Experience a four-inch air slot that ensures maximum air cleaning volume and pressure. This tool is designed to tackle the toughest build-ups in your equipment's coils.

Removable Brush Head for Precision: Navigate even the most space-constrained coils effortlessly. The Radiator Rocket features a removable brush head, granting access to tight spaces for a thorough cleaning.

A Game-Changer for Heavy Equipment Maintenance: Consider the Radiator Rocket an essential tool for the heavy equipment maintenance industry. Its powerful performance and versatile configurations make it a must-have for maintaining peak efficiency in your machinery.

Product Details:

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Revolutionize your cleaning routine with the Radiator Rocket – where cutting-edge technology meets heavy-duty cleaning power.