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Vehicle Detector

Drive Thru Vehicle Detector

Know when customers arrive in your drive thru!


Our drive thru vehicle detector signals a chime that will ring each time a customer arrives in your drive thru.

Never miss a customer again with one of our drive thru vehicle detector chime kits.

We have several systems to choose from: Motion Detectors, Vehicle Detectors, Wireless Alarms, Original Bell Kits, Milton Bell Kits.

 Long-Range Vehicle Detector - Probe Chime KitVehicle Detector

The vehicle detector chime kit is very simple to set up. Simply mount the magnetic sensing probe beside the drive thru driveway. The vehicle detector probe comes with 50' of wire that attaches to a transmitter box. Each time the probe senses the passing of a vehicle in your drive thru a wireless signal will be sent from the black box transmitter to the chime inside. This vehicle detector chime kit has a wireless range of up to 2500'. The vehicle detector works by sensing the motion of a metal object that passes within about ten feet of the white PVC sensor probe.

Perfect for drive thru driveways with snow plowing, monitoring heavy trucks, forklifts and anywhere that a driveway hose cannot be used.

The white PVC detector coil can be mounted adjacent to the drive thru driveway as long as it is within 10' of distance of the moving vehicles. It can be mounted to a fence post, on the side of a building, or even to a tree as long as it is within 10' of the vehicles being monitored. The PVC probe can also be buried under a drive thru driveway and detect vehicles that pass over it. If you plan on burying the probe under a driveway we recommend sleeving the driveway with a 2" diameter length of PVC tubing and sliding our PVC detector inside that 2" PVC sleeve. The probe needs to be buried parallel to the direction of traffic for best results.