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milton 805 bell kit with driveway signal tubing
round 6" cast aluminum milton signal bell
detail image of milton signal bell showing extension cord
black rubber driveway signal bell ringer tubing
close up image of bell ringer tubing

Milton Bell Kit - Notification Bell

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The Milton Bell kit is perfect for drive-thru applications, residential driveways and, industrial locations.  The "Complete Milton Kit" includes all of the pieces necessary to set up your driveway alarm system.

  • This driveway signal bell kit includes:
    • One Milton 805 driveway signal bell
    • One durable Milton driveway signal hose
    • One heavy-duty rubber hose plug
  • Available in hose lengths from 25’-300’
  • The Milton 805 bell can be installed outside as long as it is not rained on directly.
  • It is best to mount it three-feet off the ground beneath an eave or building overhang.
  • The Milton 805 bell needs to be mounted vertically to a wall or other support so that the steel hose/tubing connector points straight down.  The bell striker resets itself using gravity each time the bell rings.
  • Mounting the Milton 805 bell requires three screws (not-included) that secure the bell to a wall or other structure. There are no tools needed other than a screwdriver to complete installation.
  • Your Milton driveway signal bell will have a patent date of May 12, 1959 listed on the back of the bell.