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"Help Wanted" and "Found" for Small Businesses

Do you own a retail business that is struggling to keep up with staffing requirements? Running a business is difficult and maintaining trained personnel to run your store is even more challenging now. I have seen more Help Wanted signs than I ever have before. How do you maintain the level of customer service you WANT to provide when you don't have enough people to provide it?

One easy way is to install a system that will alert you when a customer enters your store. Now you don't have to have someone manning the front desk 100% of the time. You can be getting work done and you'll be audibly notified when a customer arrives at your shop.

Greeting your customers helps make a connection and lets your customers know who they can come to with questions. Our Customer Service Chime kits help let employees know when someone enters or leaves your business.

The loud audible chime can be placed anywhere in your business within 2500’ of the motion detector or door contact sensor. Simply plug in the chime into an ordinary electrical outlet and mount the door-contact or motion detector to install your system and you are ready to go!

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