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Wireless Chime Kit Alerts Pro Shop When a Golf Cart Is Returned

The staff at golf pro shops are often responsible for monitoring when golf carts have been returned to the shop and need to be alerted when they arrive. Our wireless chime kit is the perfect way to be quietly alerted that another golf cart has been returned and needs service. The most important issue to consider, when choosing a bell or chime for a pro shop, is that it is not too loud or disruptive to the inside of the shop. We recommend using either a Milton chime kit or our wireless chime kit. Our wireless chime kit can be set to ring with four different preset tones. There are instructions that are included with each wireless kit that allow you to change the ring tone.

The second thing to consider is between a wireless chime kit and a Milton chime kit.

Wireless Chime Kit:

Milton Chime Kit:

Both systems use a driveway hose to detect vehicles. When a golf cart or any other vehicle drives across the hose it produces a change in pressure within the hose. This change in pressure triggers each of the chimes to ring. Our standard Milton chime uses a driveway hose that runs all the way from where it crosses the driveway to where it is connected to the chime.

This means that if you need the chime to be inside of the store the hose will have to be run into the pro shop.

The wireless systems use a short length of hose to detect vehicles but transmits the signal received from the driveway hose to the chime wirelessly. This means that you do not need a driveway hose that runs all the way inside of the pro shop.
The transmission range on our wireless systems are around 600′. This distance can be shorter if there are obstructions between the chime and transmitter such as hills or metal walls – Ding Ding!…..Milton


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