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Using buried PVC in place of driveway hose

I have had several customers ask about using buried PVC to connect their driveway bell to a short segment of hose at the end of their driveway. The reason for doing this, usually, is to conceal what would be a very long length of driveway hose that is being replaced by the buried PVC. Here are a few things to remember if you choose to install a buried PVC system: The inside diameter of the driveway hose is 3/8″. You will need to transition from the PVC to the 3/8″ ID hose using transition couplers. Any water or condensation that gets into the PVC will affect the performance of the bell and may pevent it from ringing. Be sure to glue all PVC connections with PVC cement and to use plumbers tape to connect any metal fittings. The reason for this is to keep the PVC as air-tight as possible and to keep moisture out.

The Milton bell can operate on up to 300′ of driveway hose and the Original bell can operate on up to 150′ of driveway hose. The inside diameter of the standard driveway hose is 3/8″ and the inside diameter of the smallest common PVC is 1/2″. Be sure to test your system prior to burying it to make certain that the bell works with the length of 1/2″ PVC and hose before you actually bury it.

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