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Super Bowl Commercial & Milton’s Bells

In 2012 Milton’s Bells was contacted to see if we would be interested in donating one of our vintage Milton Bells to be used in a Super Bowl TV commercial. We were told that the commercial would be advertising the new 2012 Chevrolet Corvette and would be submitted, along with several others, to compete for air time during the 2012 Super Bowl. Naturally we were very excited to participate and loaned one vintage bells for the spot.

The commercial was shot in Shamrock, Texas and opened with panaroma of this classic art-deco gas staion on old Route 66.A vintage Corvette, that seemeds to be driven a ghost, pulls into the gas station at night. As it slowly rolls to a stop it drives across the bell ringer tubing, rings the signal bell waking the gas station attendant. “Ding-Ding”

A close up shot of the old gas pump shows the dials turn as the car mysteriously fills up.

Just as soon as the car has filled its tank it miracuously transforms into a brand new 2012 Corvette and speeds off. The surprised gas station attendent to run outside just in time catch a glimpse of it all. In the end the commercial did not air during the Super Bowl but we were very excited to be a part of it. It brought to life a great old gas station and piece of Route 66 history and, of course, features one of our vintage Milton bells. It can be viewed here on our site and on YouTube.

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