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Set up a grab and go business!

Easily convert your business to a drive-up / pick-up business!

Do you have a restaurant, coffee shop, donut shop, smoke shop, liquor store, truck scale, beverage service, dry cleaning business, donation center or any business where customers drive to you?

In these uncertain times, you can keep your business running smoothly by converting to a pick-up, drive through, or “grab and go” business using our Complete Wireless Chime Kit. This Complete Wireless Chime Kit comes with all the basic components needed to initiate your curbside business: A rubber hose and end of hose plug, a battery-powered Transmitter, and a Chime to notify you that a customer has arrived.

It’s simple to install. After pairing the transmitter and chime receiver, mount the battery-powered, black box transmitter outside about 4 feet off of the ground on a pole/column, side of building, tree, etc near the lane of traffic you want to monitor. Attach the hose to the fitting at the base of the transmitter and lay the hose across the lane to be monitored. Place the rubber plug into the end of the hose. Plug the chime in inside of your business. When a customer drives over the hose, the transmitter will send a radio signal to the chime inside your business and the chime will ring alerting your employees that a customer has arrived!

There is no need for an employee to wait and watch for possible customers. Let our Wireless Chime Kit do the work for you!

Also, our Wireless Chime Kit eliminates the need for a customer to exit their car and come into your building.

It’s perfect for social distancing while maintaining your great service!

See our full line of Wireless Chime Kits on our website.

Call us at 832-729-5354 if you have any questions about our products or need assistance with ordering.

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