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Radio, Identity Alert , Gas Station Bells & Sting-Rays

While listening to the radio recently I was reminded of personal security, preventing theft and of a system that is capable of providing an early notification in the event of an intruder.

Naturally, I was expecting the radio commercial to be advertising some type of driveway signal bell system. After all this is what we sell, and our alarms do promote personal security and help to prevent theft by providing an early notification of a potential threat each time they ring……”Ding-Ding”.
The actual commercial was promoting a service to protect your personal identity and its ability to deliver an early warning alert via email in the event of an actual identity theft. There were enough similarities between the keywords that they used to describe their product and those to describe one of our driveway alarm bells to confuse anyone who was casually listening in.

The similarity in the keywords got me thinking of how much things have changed from the simple days of the gas station bell. It made me nostalgic for those days when “identity alert” meant that the gas station attendant was annoyed enough to run off me and my friends riding our Sting-Ray’s and Huffy’s back and fourth across the black rubber hose at the corner gas station.

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