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Oil Field Vehicle Monitoring Bell Kits

Do you work in the oil field and have the responsibility of monitoring vehicle traffic arriving and leaving the site? We have kits that will help notify you with a clear “Ding-Ding” or a soft chime. All of our kits come with a rugged driveway hose that can be used on the gravel roadways that commonly access oil field sites.

We offer a couple of monitoring options, our first are the Milton and Original bell kits; the second is a wireless chime kit. All of the kits including the wireless kits use a driveway hose to activate the bell. The hose crosses the driveway that you want monitored and connects directly to the bell or, in the case of the wireless kit, to a transmitter box.

The difference between the Milton and Original bell kits and the wireless system is that the hose is not needed to run all the way to the receiver/chime. This can be an advantage for longer distances. The wireless kit is rated up to 600′ however this distance can be reduced with thick vegetation, trees, and buildings between the transmitter and receiver. The wireless kits activate an electronic chime that is capable of playing four different sounds. This chime is also able to ring a low-voltage bell for situations that require something louder than the chime alone. When a bell is used in conjunction with the electronic chime both the chime and bell ring. The low-voltage bell has to be wired to the chime using low-voltage wiring. This low-voltage wiring is not included with the kit and needs to be purchased separately.

The standard Milton bell kits can be used with up to 300′ of driveway hose and the Original Bell can be used with up to 150′ driveway hose.
All three systems will help alert you to vehicles arriving and leaving your site.

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