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Instructions to assemble your long-driveway low-voltage Milton bell kit.

We no longer make these custom bell kits…..

Assembly: Connect your low voltage, two-strand electrical wire to the two screws at the bottom of the remote end of driveway box (gray box). I recommend an 18 AWG stranded wire. Connect the other end of your two-strand electrical wire to the two screws at the bottom of the Milton bell.

Next connect the black driveway hose to the silver tube on the bottom of the end of driveway box by pushing the hose over the silver tube until it is snug. Do the same for the Milton end-of-hose anchor on the other end of the black driveway hose.

The bell must be positioned so that the name Milton reads upright to work properly. Also, the gray box must also have the hose and electrical wire connections mounted so that they are facing down toward the ground to work properly.

The air switch is located in the gray box and could possibly need to be adjusted due to changes in humidity / temperature between Houston and your location. I have adjusted it to be sensitive and it should ring the bell when something as light as a bicycle crosses the driveway hose. Adjusting the sensitivity is described on my website under the link “Servicing you Bell”. See Figure 6.

Next, plug the bell into a standard 110V electrical outlet to test.
Be sure to mount the Milton bell in an area that is not directly rained upon as it has electrical components inside. A spot with an overhang or inside of a garage, that does not get wet, is the ideal location.

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