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Home Security Driveway Alarm Kit – Extension of Home Security Alarm System

Home Security / Driveway Alarm Integration

Our driveway bell and chime kits are a valuable extension to any home security system. The driveway alarms that we sell provide an early warning whenever a new visitor drives into your driveway. The new visitor will be announced each time with the clear ringing of a bell, “Ding-Ding”, or chime depending on which of our kits is purchased and installed. Our bell and chime kits are simple to set up and provide a feeling of security.

We also have momentary contact switches that are activated when a vehicle drives across the black rubber driveway tubing. These momentary contact switches can be tied directly into a home security system to alert the security system that either a vehicle has entered the driveway or that a vehicle within the garage has been moved or may be in the process of being stolen. The hose can be placed anywhere you want to monitor the movement of a vehicle traffic. It is definitely an integral part of any home security system.

Home Security Driveway Alarm Kit

The momentary contact switch can be wired into your home security system. It also includes 20′ of driveway tubing a one pound steel end-of-hose anchor.

By placing the driveway alarm hose under the tire of a car that is parked in your garage it will act as a supplementary alarm letting you know if the vehicle has been moved. It will send a momentary contact closure, if it is wired into your home security system, each time the hose is compressed. It could be considered a separate security zone for your driveway.

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