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Milton's Bells Invisible Fence Chime Kit

Milton's Bells Invisible Fence Chime Kit

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Monitor a property line for intruders without the need for a fence. Our Milton's Bells Invisible Fence Chime Kit is solar powered with battery backup. The transmitters signal up to one mile distance. The tramnsmitter and chime in this kit are compatible with all of our other wireless kit accessories.

  • KIT INCLUDES TRANSMITTER & ADVANCED RECEIVER: The MB BBS includes one break beam sensor, a pair of beam sensors and one receiver chime. The chime receiver is compatible with any of our other wireless products, allowing you to easily expand and customize your security setup over time. The chime receiver has two Form C relays as well as a 12V DC output, giving you greater control and customization options for your alarm system.
  • LONG ONE MILE WIRELESS RANGE: The system has the longest wireless range in its class, with a range of one mile compared to other products that only offer a range of ¼ mile or ½ mile. The long range means that the radio signal is more likely to reach the receiver, ensuring reliable and accurate monitoring of your property.
  • DUAL SOLAR PANELS FOR RELIABLE CHARGING: Each beam unit has two solar panels to help ensure proper charging throughout the day. This helps to keep the system running smoothly and consistently.
  • EASY INSTALL WITH MOUNT OPTIONS: The system includes mounts for both a flat surface and a pipe mount, making it easy to install. With simple code-learning technology, you can have this system set up in minutes. Up to 16 sensors can be paired with one receiver, or an unlimited number of receivers can be paired to one sensor.