Customer Comments

Customer service makes a difference.

"Thanks for the fast shipping.  I had received the bell just yesterday and it is exactly like I remember from my childhood." 

- Mike - Michigan


"We recently purchased a driveway bell for our drive-thru coffee shop and are very satisfied with the bell we have received.  DING-DING!"

- Karen - Seattle


"Thanks for talking us through what we needed for our business drive-thru.  Your idea has saved us some money are we appreciate your suggestions.  We had purchased "The Works" with 150' of hose and are covering three islands at our convenience store with one bell."

- Daren - East Texas


"I operate a Christmas tree farm and have installed one of the Milton bells with 300' of hose.  My son and I buried most of the driveway the hose along the side of the drive below 2" of gravel.  The hose crossed the end of the driveway near the gate.  I am finally aware of customers coming down the drive before they get to the house."

- Michael - Arkansas


"I have recently installed your "Hot-Rod" bell at my house.  My wife and I have a large piece of land in the Texas Hill Country and a driveway that is over 1100' long.  We are always warned when someone is approaching the house.  The grandchildren like it too."

- Richard - Texas Hill Country


"Thanks for the idea of modifying the "Hot-Rod" bell to operate off of a 12V auto battery.  As we had discussed on the telephone I participate in auto shows all over the country and will be operating my Milton Bell off of the my RV's battery while attending the auto shows."

- Jim - Iowa


"Thanks for the great gift for my father.  We have installed it at his house during the holidays and got a big kick out of it.  The grand kids are driving my wife crazy jumping on the hose."

- Nick - Tennessee


"I have recently purchased one of the "Works" kits for my dad.  He was very surprised when he opened it and has really has enjoyed the memories that it brings back."

- Susan - Los Angeles


"Thanks for helping me troubleshoot my vintage Milton bell.  All it needed besides a new electrical cord was a good cleaning inside.  I appreciate the time that you took to explain how the bell worked."

- Brian - Jackson Hole


"The bell that we purchased from your company has worked very well for our drive-through window.  Thanks for the fast shipping."

- Goodwill Industries


"Thank you for the generous donation of two Original Bell kits.  We auctioned these off during our annual convention.  They were a big hit."

- Habitat for Humanity

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