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Milton Alberstadt

I became interested in driveway bells at a young age when I noticed my name "Milton" written on a service station bell. I pointed it out to my grandfather and said: "Hey look. There's my name on that bell." From that day I knew that I needed one of those bells.

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Reliable alarm systems that you can set up yourself.

We have several solutions to to solve your driveway alert needs.  Each of our complete kits include all the pieces necessary to set up a complete working driveway bell system.  These kits are perfect for drive-thru applications, residential drives and industrial locations.  Fast-food, coffee shops, donation windows, dry cleaners, security guard stations, bank drive-thru's, pharmacies, and petrolinia collectors are just a few of the common uses. Years ago, every gas station had a bell. They made famous the familiar "Ding-Ding" when you drove your car over the black rubber hose.

Milton kits make a perfect gift for those who collect petrolinia memorabilia such as old gas pumps and porcelain gas station signs.  The "Original" Bell™ kit is the perfect solution for most business and residential driveway alert needs.  The tone of the "Original" Bell ™ is similar to that of a small boxing-ring bell and the gong is fire engine red.  Set-up is simple.  Just plug your bell into an ordinary electrical outlet, push the driveway hose onto the bottom of the bell and tighten the hose clamp.  Push the other end of hose onto the nipple of the anchor and tighten the hose clamp.  That's it!  You are now in business.

Today we offer the option of a wireless kit with an electronic chime that has a build in volume control.   This kit has the same reliability as the bell kits with the simplicity of a wireless link between the driveway hose and the indoor chime.  Set-up is simple.  Plug your wireless chime into an ordinary electrical outlet, place the driveway hose across the driveway and tighten the hose clamp.  Push the other end of the driveway hose onto the transmitter box.  The transmitter box is powered with a 9volt transistor battery.  That's it!


  • Sensitive - Operates with up to 300' of signal hose for the Milton kit and 150' of hose for the "Original"; Bell ™ kit and up to 600' for the Wireless Kits.
  • Dependable performance - Alerts you every time with a clear DING....DING for the bells and a soothing electronic chime for the wireless kit.
  • Compact Design - Easy to mount. Completely self contained unit makes installation easy.  Just plug cord into any 110-volt electric outlet.
  • Longer Service - Each signal is manufactured to give you a signal that will perform under prolonged use.
  • Self Contained - The unit operates off of the compression of air in the driveway hose. When a car compresses the driveway hose, a diaphragm is activated inside of the bell.  This activates a solenoid that rings the bell.
  • There is no air compressor needed.

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