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Motion Activated Dual Chimes and One Bell Kit
low voltage original bell wired to wireless chime with flashing blue light
motion detector and mounting hardware

Long-Range Motion Activated Dual Chimes and One Bell Kit

Easily monitor vehicle traffic and pedestrians with this driveway motion sensor alarm. This motion detector is perfect for industrial or residential properties that require snow plowing, have heavy truck traffic, must monitor forklift traffic, or can't use driveway signal hoses in their driveway alert systems. The wireless driveway alarm does not use an air hose — instead, it detects movement up to 25' in front of it and rings the receiver chimes each time movement is detected from up to 1/2 a mile away. The sensor uses a 9-volt transistor battery. The chimes plug into an ordinary electrical outlet, produce a soft ring, and have built-in audio volume control. The driveway chime alarms will play one of twelve different tunes that are selected in the sensor. The "Original" Bell™ is wired to the chime using 5′ of low-voltage electrical wiring included with this kit. The chimes have a volume control and can be turned up loud enough to be heard through the door of many houses. The driveway motion detector chime kit includes all of the pieces necessary to set up your wireless driveway alarm and bell kit.
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