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brass hose barb tubing splicer for milton bell
installed hose splicer showing repair

Hose Splicer

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From Milton industries, this brass hose splicer is used for connecting or splicing any of our driveway signal hoses. This barb splicer and air hose splicer works with all of the 3/8" inside diameter hose that we sell and does not need hose clamps to keep it connected. Perfect for reconnecting two pieces of hose after cutting out a damaged piece, this commercial hose splitter can extend the life of your Milton hose and cut down on your spare parts budget and replacement part needs. This hydraulic hose splicer and best hose splitter can help your hoses survive heavy use in an office environment, industrial sector work environment, or residential property. Just push the 2 way hose splitter into each end of the hose that you want to splice together and the ridges will keep it from separating.