The Porch Pirate Alarm

March 25th, 2020 by milt

5 Steps to Deter Porch Pirates

1.  Make sure that you are notified when a visitor arrives at your porch.  It’s good to be notified as soon as your packages are delivered which is exactly what our porch pirate chime will do.

2.  Let potential porch pirates know that they have been detected as soon as they break the beam of the motion detector alarm.  The flashing strobe will let them know that they have been spotted and call their attention to the “camera”.  (The camera included with this kit is a visual deterrent and is not an actual working camera.)

3.  Bring your packages indoors and out of sight as soon as possible.  You will be notified immediately upon the arrival of your package so that you can bring it inside.

4.  Don’t be known as the house or business that lets packages sit on the porch for several hours before bringing them inside.

5.  Post signage that states that there is a security system at your home or business.  This kit includes a vinyl sticker that can be posted to the outside of a window, door or other smooth surfaces

5 Ways to protect yourself from porch pirates this year

Each holiday season online stores come up with the most attractive deals. From Black Friday to Cyber Monday, as the year ends there is so much shopping to do. Especially since Christmas is just around the corner. As your packages arrive at your doorsteps, a new type of thieve is making their presence felt: the porch pirates. Porch pirates are specialized in stealing your packages from your door and during the holiday season, the number of complaints filed at the police stations against them increases drastically. Luckily, there are many ways to discourage them and make sure your packages are going to make you happy, not someone else.


Use a package delivery box for all your packages

When porch pirates can’t see the package, the chances of them trying to steal it are a lot lower. This is the principle of package delivery boxes: these boxes are especially designed to protect your packages both from the weather and porch pirates. Invest in one of these sturdy boxes and place it somewhere easy to access, but not highly visible. The next step is to instruct all the delivery drivers to place the packages inside the box. This can easily be made by adding a note on the delivery instructions. Most drivers are going to respect it and place your package inside the delivery box.

Apart from not being able to see the package, porch pirates rarely risk trying to steal from a delivery box, as they can never know if there is something to steal in the first place. Instead of jeopardizing themselves by trying to steal a delivery box which might be empty, the pirate is going to leave for a more accessible target.


Invest in a high quality motion detector alarm

Another great way to save yourself from becoming the victim of porch pirates is to invest in a high quality alarm. There are plenty of options, each ones with their own advantages. You can install a chime with a motion detector that is going to alert you each time someone comes to your porch. Another great way to discourage pirates is to install a motion alarm kit like the ones sold by Miltons Bells that are going to make a sound both inside the house and outside when the motion detector is triggered. To stay even more protected you can opt for a kit with a flashing strobe and a chime. The light and the sound are going to alert porch pirates that they have been detected. Place a fake camera and a large, visual sign that tells everyone the area is being watched 24/7 to make sure everyone knows they can be seen and can potentially be recorded as they try to steal your packages. When they try to steal a package, being alerted by a noise and a flashing strobe light that they’ve been spotted and are filmed is just enough to discourage porch pirates. Even if the camera is not an actual working one, the sign telling everyone that the property is watched is enough to discourage thieves.


Request a signature for delivery

This is an easy way to avoid porch pirates, but it might require more effort from your part. Most companies charge extra for signature deliveries and you have to make sure there will be someone at home to receive the package. If there is no one at home, the package is not going to be delivered, so it will stay safe, until someone can sign and receive it personally.


Alert the homeowner that the package has been delivered

The easiest way to alert the homeowner that the package has been delivered is to install a porch pirate chime. As soon as the motion detector is triggered by the delivery driver, it will alert you with a sound, so you can go and pick up your package immediately.

Porch pirates often watch a neighborhood closely before attacking and they are always looking for houses or businesses where the packages are left outside for long periods of time. Making sure your house is not that one is going to send the thieves elsewhere.


Ship to a friend, neighbor or at work

When you want to be sure your package is going to arrive at its destination you can try to set up the delivery to an address where there is always someone home. It can be a friend or a neighbor who works from home or is retired and willing to receive your package.

Another option is to arrange the delivery to take place at your workplace, to make sure you will receive the package. All you have to do is to check if your boss is ok with this.


There are plenty of options when it comes to making sure your packages are protected and you won’t become the victim of porch pirates. Because most thieves wait for the nightfall to attack, installing a motion detector with strobe light is a great way to avoid piracy. Keeping your porch well-lit at all times or having a large décor item for delivery drivers to hide the packages behind can also discourage thieves, who are always looking for an easy target.

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