New product launch – The Heavy-Duty Scale Bell Kit

December 10th, 2013 by milt


New product launch – The Heavy-Duty Scale Bell Kit



Today we want to talk about a brand new and exciting product that we will be launching here on our website in the New Year. The product is called the Heavy-Duty Scale Bell Kit and as its name suggests it’s designed for heavy duty use. Here we will provide you with all of the details you need to know about the product, as well as information about the sort of businesses we think will find it beneficial.







Our Heavy-Duty Scale Bell Kit can be used to alert individuals of a vehicle approaching a truck scale.

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Product information


The Heavy-Duty Scale Bell Kit is designed to detect the presence of a vehicle and alert the staff on-site. In order to work it requires a 12-24VDC/VAC. The bell provides a form “C” set or relay contacts to indicate the presence of a vehicle. This particularly product has a response time of two seconds and an operating range of between 1ft and 5ft. It has output delay options of one, two and four seconds. The Heavy-Duty Scale Bell Kit has been designed with patent pending Triangular Planar Array Technology making it one of the best heavy duty bell kits on the market. The bell kit is wireless and does not require the use of a driveway hose.


Who will use it?


Our new sensor is aimed at businesses that work with heavy weight vehicles. This is due to the fact that heavy vehicles would simply destroy the driveway hoses included in many of our other bell kits. The Heavy-Duty Scale Bell Kit is designed for truck scales and material recycling scales. It will inform members of staff when a vehicle is approaching the scales. The bell kit can also be installed in stone yards, concrete yards, steel yards and municipal utilities districts. It could even be used in an environment like an oil field where having hoses is impractical.

If your drive-thru accommodates large, heavy duty vehicles, you may also want to consider making use of our new bell kit. Any facility with bill payment windows like drive-thru restaurants, pharmacies, banks and car parks will benefit from using the Heavy-Duty Scale Bell Kit.











The Heavy-Duty Scale Bell Kit is ideal for using in steel yards and concrete yards.

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Benefits of the Heavy-Duty Scale Bell Kit


One of the main benefits of our Heavy-Duty Scale Bell Kit is the fact there is no need to use a driveway hose. The device comes with a detector coil which can be mounted on a post or on the side of a building. When a vehicle moves onto the scene, the transmitter box will send a signal to the receiver chime, alerting the employees on-site.

Our bell kit will work out to be a much cheaper alternative to traditional vehicle loop detectors as instead of being installed underground, it can simply be placed on a post or box and aimed at the location where vehicles pass and stop. The bell kit couldn’t be easier to install above ground!

You will also find that our Heavy-Duty Scale Bell Kit will help to streamline your operations. No longer will your customers have to wait to be served by you, as you will always be alerted of their presence. Improving the speed of your operations will help to increase your business’s overall levels of efficiency.

Our new bell kit is built to last. It is made from the finest materials so it will last you years and years. We also offer bell testing and maintenance services which can help to keep your bells in tip top condition.




The Heavy-Duty Scale Bell Kit will be available to purchase directly from our website in 2014. If you have any questions about it or any of our other bell kits and products, feel free to drop us an email and we will make sure we get back to you as soon as possible!


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