Milton’s Bells has recently donated two of our driveway bell kits to Habitat for Humanity International.  The driveway alarm bells are used by Habitat for Humanity to let them know when a new donor has arrived.   “We are always teaching our new managers that making their ReStores donor friendly is extremely is important.  […]

Home Security / Driveway Alarm Integration Our driveway bell and chime kits are a valuable extension to any home security system.  The driveway alarms that we sell provide an early warning whenever a new visitor drives into your driveway.  The new visitor will be announced each time with the clear ringing of a bell, “Ding-Ding”, […]

  We have recently received an email from a single mother who expressed her feeling of improved home security knowing that she could depend on her new driveway bell to alert her when a vehicle arrives in her driveway. She was comforted knowing that the bell would be rung announcing the arrival of a visitor […]

We recently traveled to Atlanta to participate in the Goodwill Industry International Tradeshow. It was our first convention and we learned a lot about traveling with inventory, manning a booth, and we were very excited to be a part of the show and to participate in the events provided for the vendors. Goodwill is a […]

We have recently had a customer use one of our driveway bells in the most interesting way. They have created a hockey goal ringing bell. The hockey goal has been outfitted with two plumbers plungers one on each of the upper corners. A thin piece of rubber was stretched across the end of the plunger […]

Do you work in the oil field and have the responsibility of monitoring vehicle traffic arriving and leaving the site? We have kits that will help notify you with a clear “Ding-Ding” or a soft chime. All of our kits come with a rugged driveway hose that can be used on the gravel roadways that […]

The staff at golf pro shops are often responsible for monitoring when golf carts have been returned to the shop and need to be alerted when they arrive. Our chime kits are the perfect way to be quietly alerted that another golf cart has been returned and needs service. The most important issue to consider, […]

I have had several customers ask about using buried PVC to connect their driveway bell to a short segment of hose at the end of their driveway. The reason for doing this, usually, is to conceal what would be a very long length of driveway hose that is being replaced by the buried PVC. Here […]

Recently, I have been trying to customize a Milton bell so that it will ring when an email arrives. Of course I do not want the bell to ring when every email arrives, just certain emails. I have it set up to ring when emails arrive from someone important to me or with certain words […]