The Driveway Bell – Perfect for Businesses with a Lean Operating Budget!

June 29th, 2017 by milt

The driveway bell – Perfect for businesses with a lean operating budget!

As a result of the recent poor economic climate, many businesses have had to make cutbacks in the form of staff reductions, in order to save money. This means that there are many businesses out there that now have to operate with less people, meaning there are fewer eyes available to look out for customers and help them with their queries. If you feel like your business is struggling on a lean operating budget, you may want to consider installing one of our driveway bells. This bell will alert staff on shift, ensuring they are ready to greet the customer and provide them with an excellent service.

With the help of our driveway bell, your business will be able to operate with fewer employees, as those employees will be aware when customers arrive and leave your business. Even if they are busy carrying out other tasks, the bell will sound, notifying them that they need to stop what they are doing and deal with the customer. Take a look at some of the businesses we believe could benefit from installing our driveway bells below.














Install a driveway bell on the premises of your car rental company, so you know when customers are picking up and dropping off the vehicles.

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Rental companies              

If you own a vehicle rental company, it is likely that you will have customers picking up vehicles and dropping them off throughout the day. Whilst you may not need many staff on the premises, it is important that the employees that are on shift are monitoring the clients picking up and returning your vehicles. Installing a driveway bell will keep staff notified of the rental equipment that is being driven off the premises and returned. The bell will signal, so they can make a record of the incoming and outgoing vehicles, and to ensure that their records are up to date.

Drive-through businesses

Drive-through staff are usually very busy, especially if they have to serve customers over the counter, as well as at the drive-through windows. A fantastic way to ensure your drive-through staff are meeting the needs and requirements of customers is to install a driveway bell. The bell will sound when a car pulls onto the drive-through, so that the employees are aware that there are new customers requiring service. The more alert staff are, the quicker they can communicate with the customers, providing excellent customer service. Quick responses also enable a business to benefit from increased productivity, allowing them to make a higher profit in a single day.














Make sure your drive-through staff are ready to serve customers by installing a driveway bell.

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Donation facilities

We believe that our driveway bells could also benefit those running donation facilities. By installing a driveway bell, staff will be notified when a vehicle arrives, so they can head out and give the customer a hand with unloading the clothes they want to donate. The more attentive and helpful staff can be, the more likely people are

to return with more clothes to donate in the future.

Our driveway bells

From looking at our website, you will see that we have driveway bells for all kinds of businesses. Whether you run a drive-through takeaway, a donation facility or a rental company, your business will greatly benefit from having a bell, as it will keep your staff alert, giving them the opportunity to provide a better service to customers and generate a greater return.


Although the poor economy and lean operating budgets have meant that many businesses have had to reduce the number of staff they employ, it does not mean that their business or customers have to suffer. With the help of our driveway bells, businesses can ensure that their staff are alerted when customers arrive, so they know they need to be ready to provide them with the best customer service possible.

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